Simonstown - Western Cape
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Simonstown Property - Western Cape

Simon's Town is effortless charm coupled with enormous historical
significance. Admiral Nelson of Trafalgar fame and Captain Scott of
Antarctic pursuits were tramping the town's 'Royal Mile' and being
mesmerized by the beauty of this bay two centuries ago, and yet their
presence is felt still.

Although new builds are increasingly making a welcome appearance, it used
to be a common expression here that house prices matched the age of the
venerable old homes. Today, the buyer will be pleasantly surprised that
the sustainable increase in housing stock means Simon's Town offers
outstanding value.

Residents still remain in awe of the fact that one can secure a spacious
sea-view home, with all modern conveniences, and still daily enjoy sights
and sounds from penguins to awe-inspiring battleships that one would be
hard-pressed to experience anywhere else in the world.

Simon's Town is pomp and splendor, sea birds and sea mammals, eggs over
easy sunrises, champagne sunsets, outstanding and unforgettable.

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