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Durbanville Property - Western Cape

Durbanville is one of Cape Town's best groomed and well looked after residential, business and agricultural areas. It is surrounded by an infrastructure that successfully manages to combine business with leisure, built-up areas with open country and new with old. This has attracted property and real estate investors to the area.

Large, upmarket and modern shopping centres compete against the traditional old-world main street shops giving the consumer a seemingly endless choice of goods and services. Its numerous sports fields, challenging golf course, hunt, polo and racecourse also make it a sports lover's paradise.

An effort has been made to extend the 'green look' of the residential areas into the town centre. Surrounding trees and lush shrubber add to the pleasure of visiting the business area and soften the architecture.

The past few years have seen a host of exciting developments taking place in Durbanville. An ever-growing number of highly successful people, drawn by the many advantages it has to offer, have chosen to make this town their home. With them they have brought their dreams and visions, their financial strength, their skills and their enthusiasm.

The Durbanville Wine Route with its six estates produces some of the country's top wines. Seeff Durbanville can assist you with all types of residential property for sale or rental including houses, villas, apartments, cluster developments, security villages, land and guesthouses.

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